Rotisserie Pork Loin

Using the pork we loin we cut up last time, we will leave this whole and rub it with my home-made rub. Then place it on the rotisserie.

rubbed pork loin

rotisserie pork loin

So while the pork is cooking I had a pineapple to use up, so I made a pineapple relish so here is how to do this: 1 pineapple cut into fine dice, one red pepper fine diced, 2 jalapeno deseeded and diced super fine, ½ cup of good olive oil, 3 limes juiced, and a large bunch of cilantro cut from the garden and some salt & pepper to taste. Mix all together and let sit for at least an hour in the fridge to let the flavors mix.

pineapple relish

Cook the meat until it reaches at least 155 F – 165 F and let it rest for 10 minutes before cutting.

unsliced pork loinsliced pork loin 1 sliced pork loin 2 sliced pork loin 3

I also had some left over quinoa I reheated with some butter and served the meal with some fresh corn from the farmers market.

finished plate of porkEnjoy!

how to cut a pork loin?

So here is a cheap way to get more bang for your buck when it comes to Pork Loins! Buying the whole loin and cutting your own sections will save you money.

whole pork loin

You need to know your way around a pork loin so here in the picture I have cut it into 3 pieces.

cut pork loin

Top left would be considered the boneless Rib Roast. Top right would be considered boneless Sirloin Roast, some dark meat included. The middle one would/could be cut into Loin Chops about 28 – ½ inch chops that could be pounded or stuffed, in this case we will leave this whole and rub it with my home-made rub, as you can see from the length of the knife the middle section of the pork loin is about 14 inches, that fits on the rotisserie spit in the kitchen.

Here is a quick picture of the meat packed up for the freezer and one piece for dinner.

packaged pork loin