Spicy Pepper Poppers

Our local farmers market sells these great mini colored peppers. They go great in salads and other dishes, but they make a great popper.


1. Cut the tops of the mini-peppers.


2. Clean out the peppers.


3. Spicy cream cheese filling made with jalapenos in the food processor.


4. Place peppers in muffin tin to support and bake them. Place cream cheese filling in pipping bag.


5. Fill peppers to top with mixture.


6. Baked until top is golden brown. (Left over mixture placed in celery as a snack.)

A fresh and simple fruit plate.

I have always enjoyed fresh ingredients. And I thought that a great way to start my new blog would be to show a couple of the fruit plates I have done for my friends and family. Granted these plates look fancy, but for me they are fun and easy.


You will notice with this plate the way the fruit is cut. Simple knife skills can make a huge difference in presentation. And it is always important to have a sharp knife, a dull knife will just leave you open to a possible accident. In the top left corner I used the pineapple top as a garnish but cutting the leaves off and placing the grapes around it. This fruit plate was for my wife to take to a gathering.


You can also have fun with the fruit. In this photo from 2010, I cut the watermelon to look like a fish hook. I used the pineapple tops to accent the rest of the tray. It looked great with the fishing theme wedding shower my wife and I hosted for her brother and his fiance.