Bacon and Asparagus

There was an evening that my In-laws came over to look at what my beautiful wife had done to improve the garden. It got late so I offered to make them dinner. I threw some chicken on the grill (to make my mother in-law happy) but to make my father in-law happy (most important) I presented him with my favorite way to have asparagus (which he doesn’t like that much!) So as the girls were in the kitchen putting together a salad, the men were outside tending to the fire and I showed him this . . . Bacon wrapped Asparagus – everything is better with bacon so here is how it goes.

  • Trim the asparagus bottoms to get rid of the woody parts.
  • Put the asparagus pieces in the freezer for 5 minutes.
  • Carefully wrap bunches of 3 or 5 asparagus spears with a piece of bacon.
  • Dust the wrapped bundles with black pepper and place into a 450 degree oven.
  • Cook to your preferred doneness on the bacon. For me and my wife, not too crispy.

Put the platter of bacon wrapped goodness in the middle of the table as a side dish.

bacon wrapped asparagus

All in all dinner was a success!


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