Roasted Red Peppers

My wife’s grandmother likes roasted red peppers and we decided to show her how to make her own while we were up there. This is a cost effective and easy way to have your own peppers and always make them to fit your own flavor preference.

  • Take a few nice red peppers and toss with a little olive oil.

2013-02-19 17.49.54

  • Place the peppers right on top of the flame. (And yes, the grill is in the middle of a lot of snow.)

2013-02-19 17.56.10

2013-02-19 17.55.50

  • Allow the pepper to char completely. Don’t be scared, they will be black.

2013-02-19 18.02.36

  • Place them back into the oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap tightly for about 10 minutes. The peppers will deflate.

2013-02-19 18.16.52

2013-02-19 18.16.42

2013-02-19 18.06.06

2013-02-19 18.06.00

  • Carefully peel the charred skin off the peppers.

2013-02-19 18.16.48

2013-02-19 18.16.36

  • Cut them into strips.

2013-02-19 18.51.00

2013-02-19 18.51.06

  • To preserve the peppers mix about 3 ounces with garlic, salt and pepper in a glass jar. Use the amount of garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

2013-02-19 19.49.40

  • Place the cut pepper strips into the oil. Make sure to cover the peppers with the oil. Seal the jar and store in the refrigerator  They will be good for about a month, if there are any left.

2013-02-19 19.50.34

2013-02-19 19.51.16

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